Education minister tight-lipped about his degree

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Minister of Education Michael Browne declared that he will speak whenever he selects so to do, about his latest academic efforts.

When it’s time for me to comment, I’ll comment, he told OBSERVER media, jokingly including that with all the penetrating, somebody needs to pay the (degree) bills.

In 2014, Browne was apparently nearing the end of his studies for a Doctorate in Education and Law. Now in 2016, some are curious to understand why the minister is still travelling overseas on apparent study leave.

One such person is former ambassador Joan Underwood who called on the education minister to make public whether he is still studying, and sent a written demand to this end to the Ministry of Education.

According to Underwood, under the Freedom of Information Act Minister Browne need to declare whether he has completed his research studies, when, where and exactly what was the program he pursued.

She likewise wishes to know if the ministry received authorization for the minister to travel; whether it’s a good idea for his study expenditures; how much and how it was applied in the nationwide budget plan; and who performs his ministerial responsibilities in his lack.

But Browne disagreed, saying, There’s nothing in the Constitution that speaks with the certification of a minister so that wouldn’t fall in the general public of the Freedom of Information Act.


Program assists students with autism pursue higher education

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Paul Switzer went to Carytown one day to talk with individuals about a program that is giving him the courage to succeed.

I mainly froze up, he said.

Switzer is at no loss for words now describing how the program of the United Methodist Family Services Charterhouse School has assisted him.

There was a time when I could hardly talk with anyone, let alone look them in the eye, he stated.

Switzer this month made his associate degree from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and has actually been accepted into Virginia Commonwealth University for the fall semester.

He credits those milestones to the assistance he has actually received from Courage to Succeed, a program began nearly 5 years ago to help students with autism spectrum disorder pursue a higher education.

The program has broadened to consist of students with other neurological differences, consisting of learning disabilities and distressing brain injury click here.

It’s a pretty huge shift from high school to college. It’s much different, stated Switzer, 23, a graduate of Thomas Dale High School in Chester.

The program practically provides a safety net of sorts for individuals who won’t have the ability to manage this otherwise.


Westerners lack education on nuclear disaster threats, expert cautions

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Western societies would not react well to a Fukushima-style nuclear catastrophe due to an absence of public details, a leading catastrophe expert has actually warned.

Christopher Abbott stated he firmly thought that the public ought to be much better educated over the hazards and dangers they may face.

Showing his point, he described the Fukushima catastrophe of 2011 where 160,000 people were left from the area of the plant as professionals tried to deal with the emergency situation. The evacuation worked, said Abbott, because the Japanese educate the public.

I just don t see that it would have worked as effectively in western society, he added. [It s] a really personal opinion however one that is supported by Japanese colleagues.

Abbott, chairman of the Emergency Planning Society CBRN expert working group, made the remarks while providing proof to a science and technology select committee hearing at your home of Commons on chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear occurrences.

We have to better inform the public, because a well-read public will respond much better, he said.

Notifying the public about the dangers about CBRN [chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense] is something as a nation we haven t got our head around yet, preemptively.

There are great deals of plans connected with how we do it in reaction to something but in regards to informing the public now for the event, as a nation I think we are rather a way behind other countries worldwide. What’s more, he added, that level of recommendations is really inconsistent throughout the country.